The universe - Café de Paris


Authentic and innovative

Since its establishment in 1868, Café de Paris has held a unique and authentic expertise. Crafted and bottled in Cubzac-Les-Ponts, in the Bordeaux region, our products are now sold worldwide.

Café de Paris: lively, refreshing sparkling wines infused with the spirit of Saint-Germain- des-Prés. Delicate, light aromatic bubbles, just like an impromptu summer afternoon on the banks of the Seine. Surprising creations, a nod to the inspiring ambience of artists’ studios, and sparkling cocktails inspired by the effervescence of terrace evenings.

A Parisian territory that embodies

The modern and eclectic French way of life.

The universe - Café de Paris
The universe - Café de Paris

Paris is the City of Light, the most beautiful city in the world. The most romantic, the most fashionable and the most vibrant. Café de Paris is about being surprised by the audacity of an unexpected tasting and capturing the present moment. Café de Paris is about seizing the moment

Experience the Café de Paris moment

The universe - Café de Paris
The universe - Café de Paris

The production site

A French production at the heart of a historic site.

The universe - Café de Paris
The universe - Café de Paris

Located 23 kms from Bordeaux, on the banks of the Dordogne river, the 5,000 m2 Café de Paris site is built on 6 ha of land. Dominated by a 3-hectare plateau, it offers a panoramic view of the region and the famous Eiffel Bridge. Beneath this plateau, 3 km of limestone quarry cellars stretch out.

A 100% French made.

The universe - Café de Paris
The universe - Café de Paris
Café de Paris Cubzac Les Ponts Usine Cave


Our know-how

Café de Paris sparkling wines are made using the Charmat method, which consists of creating foam in a high-pressure vat.

🍇 Step 1: Careful selection of wines with a refreshing, aromatic profile.

Step 2: Precise addition of yeast, fermentation liquor and temperature control.

⏳ Step 3: Natural effervescence after 15 to 20 days in closed tanks.

🍷 Step 4: Maturation in tank to refine bubbles and enrich aromas.

🧪 Step 5: Filtration and sugar dosage.

🍾 Step 6: Bottling.

Café de Paris, the best ally for spontaneous tasting experiences.

The universe - Café de Paris

The Factory Team

A team speciliazed in sparkling

Café de Paris is managed by a team of expert oenologists. The site also boasts an R&D laboratory run by Caroline Hardy, R&D Manager, and Alexandre Malfray, Oenologist in charge of elaboration.

The expertise of a centuries-old heritage