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Café de Paris

Since 1898, Café de Paris has embodied the French conviviality, never better represented than by the Paris of the Belle Epoque. The influence of that era still lives on in the city and continues to evolve with it.

From terraces to night bars, from the Left Bank to the heights of Montmartre, Paris and its café life with a thousand faces remain our most beautiful source of inspiration.

Today, we offer everyone the spontaneity, freedom, and pleasure of choice through a variety of creations full of flavors, always pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Discover wines without complexes

Our ranges each represent the effervescence of Paris for every taste and for every moment.

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Our different ranges

Café de Paris offers a range of wines with a vibrant and refreshing taste, deliciously thirst-quenching beverages that effortlessly combine the French way of life.

Home - Café de Paris

The Classics

“The Classics” from Café de Paris is a trendy range consisting of 4 fresh and easy-to-drink sparkling wines: brut, organic brut, demi-sec, and rosé.

Elegance of bubbles, freshness, and fruitiness are the defining characteristics of Café de Paris sparkling wines.

Home - Café de Paris

The Art Nouveau Collection

The “Art Nouveau” collection from Café de Paris is a range with highly aromatic profiles for colorful and refreshing aperitifs. Adorned with rich motifs and stories, the Art Nouveau Collection embodies a festive and exceptional tone.

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The Limited Editions

Bringing people together through sharing, innovating through connections, and fostering conviviality are the guiding principles of Café de Paris.

Home - Café de Paris

The Flavored

Embodying a pop and joyful spirit, the range of flavored beverages offers endless possibilities with fruity flavors. In a low-alcohol version, each recipe, illustrated by its ingredient, is refreshing and thirst-quenching.

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The Cocktails

Create sparkling cocktails with Café de Paris sparkling wines.


Home - Café de Paris
Home - Café de Paris